Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lybian "No Fly Zone:

OK, most of you remember the jokes of Abbot and Costello about baseball and the famous joke, "Who's on FIRST? .....etc. etc.................."

Well, the discussions and arguments going on now, of whether it's the UN or NATO, or just What mix of enforcers and leaders make it happen, echo the comedic banter of yesteryear.

(this is a quote from -----the Guardian 23 March 2011)
One observer of Anglo-American military adventures over the last 20 years tried to make light of the impasse. "It's a bit like a barn dance," the source said of the efforts to decide whether and how NATO would run the operation. "Half of the people can't dance, a couple are drunk and then there's always the characters at the back with their hands up various skirts."

and the music plays on.

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