Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Honor Flight

Last year, my wife noted a very small advertisement in our local weekly free newpaper..........we call them 'mullet wrappers' as jokes say they are good only for wrapping up fish. Not so and this ad was looking for volunteers for the Honor Flight program of helping to take WWII vets to Washington DC.


I called the number, learned more, then told them to put my name on the list.  Cound not make it on their next flight, but did go several months later when they called.

The Honor Flight needs 'buddies' to escort each member of the WWII vets from whatever city the group is flying from, to Washington DC and back.  The volunteer buddy makes sure the trip is as pleasant and easy as it can be for each and every vet. The volunteer makes sure everything works smoothly by paying attention to details, listening and trying to cover bases for a wonderful day.

It was an honor for me to be involved and anyone reading this should consider strongly volunteering for this endeavor.  Time is running out and this 'might' be the last year the program will exist, as over one thousand WWII vets are passing away each day.  Their numbers are dwindling so fast that the time to honor them is now.


Check out their mission and local schedules!

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