Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Oboma appointees, appointee rejects, white house staff, vote for change?

I did not vote for Obama. No.

I felt a man like McCain had proven his worth, a man ready to die for his country and serve it.  He was for the U.S. of A., would do anything for it without taking unnecessary risks to such an important institution.

However, I understand, I just might be wrong on any and all issues, so I check things out as often as I can.

the famous mantra of Obama; Change- represented on too many sights I go to, show me the direction and probable thinking and paths our elected  president, has tried to lead us on.

Yes, I'm trying to show something graphically here.  I do hope homework is done by all of you to satisfy 'your' perspective, but time is running out.... to prove or disprove what I believe I am  disturbed by.

thankyou........... I'm concerned about the America, my father's generation and those older than he, fought for, the wars and battles I fought for, military and local, the American young now serving and the ones the next generation will have to stand up for because of decisions made now and being made.

Way too important.... to just turn one's head.

Obama's chosen STAFF.  Do you see a trend?

So ask yourself: "Is this the best and brightest leadership for our country,  going forward or.....................?  Google ...Obama appointees or any wording you feel comfortable with but do it now, if you love those around you and those younger, your country at present or it's future.

 RE-check what I am suggesting is a problem.  Check it out for yourself and see if you are comfortable with your next vote!

trying to be respectful to all but profoundly concerned..................thanks, ron

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