Tuesday, April 02, 2013

China wants a Buffer Zone

Fine.  Give the Chinese assholes what they deserve.  A big hole in the ground  just south of them, with a glowing radioactive rim that will last much longer than they will ever... have to consider.  No  S. Koreans or anybody walking in from the south! 

North Korea?  Are you listening?

These old photos, show our imprisoned men from the Pueblo, 'flipping the bird' to their guards.  Good for them!

While serving in Vietnam we were called by our President and was on the Korean soil within days of your stupid Pueblo incident..

  We were ready then, are you now!  Go for it dumb ass!  Solve a bit of the worlds problems by being as stupid as you seem to be.
Note, that if we spent the money that has been spent to keep check on North Korea, we probably could have solved world hunger or something as large.  North Korea, needs to go.
The rest of the world would rethink everything and be calmed by this...for decades.  Peace and prosperity would be a norm again, and you would be a memory of burnt toast.  Burn't fuckin' toast!

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