Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Government Shutdown?

No country in the world has been able to shut us down.  None!  Yet "we the people" sit on our ____'s allowing the folks we pay to do this 'work' for us...our politicians... to play games.

Fire them? Sure that would work but the rules do not give us immediate access to that option.

When we were younger, many of us would take a bullet in some foreign land, to stand up for some issue our politicians said was important and many of our youth DID and still are...taking bullets.  Now, we, as mature individuals, will allow our children, grandchildren to take a bullet out there somewhere in the world, but we will sit back and watch the TV screen as our elected and highly paid employees, allow our nation to receive a slam dunk on the world stage!  Amazing.

Back in the 70's, truckers did the right thing.  They put themselves out there and forced change.
Million man marches?  Them too.

I sit here now and find the populace of my country is more willing to take the heat of a disfunctional political system, than get a parking ticket for blocking a road in Washington DC or their state capital...........or God forbid(no bullet) but maybe getting arrested for civil disobedience.

Wimps we are!  U.S. Spring?  No, we've become complacent......and even hide when a 'discussion' begins to emerge.

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