Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston Marathon bombing...............

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Tonight's news makes me, once again, stand on points that even some of my closest friends have backed away from me for....  they thought I was overly pessimistic.
I grew up in a city where I really felt/ thought, that this could happen Every... or any... day and...later (1981-1985) while I was the Deputy "Finish Line Director"  for the NYC Marathon( under Dave Pearlman,) as well as many many other NYCRRC races.  We were always doing our best of course for security, Jerry Klassman was our buffer/God rest his wonderful soul, but this stuff was I believe always in the back of our minds.
Stand tall America...the shit has come upon our beaches and now floods our cities..
We are not secure anymore.
Many terrorist assaults on our civilian population as you know.  Today, another.

If you do NOT follow the news, like most of our population, these attacks go unnoticed and just wear down our national mindset a few hundred or thousand at a time.

Pay attention please.  Do not let go what generations have given their lives for.

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