Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hey kid, would you mow my grass? babysit for my Kids?

Ok folks, look at this kid and please, read this to the END/it's short!
..... No one in his family or town put a stop to him/ they let things 'slide'....and showed him how to use this weapon(mother).

Cut my lawn?  are you kidding?  get out of here!
 ...babysit for my young children?    I'm not brain dead, but you sure look it!

Parents and surrounding folks let this happen.

If he used a gallon of gas, would we outlaw gasoline?
BOSTON MARATHON BOMBING JUST OCCURED.  Should we 'Outlaw Pressure Cookers?  Bee bee's?  Nails?.... or the instrument of disquise....Backpacks?

Folks.  Congress and White House will spend years on this issue, just like Bill Clintons zipper.  Was it up, down or did he know...

 The problem is not the instrument used ......but the person who used it.  Wake up idiots! and don't take the 'head fake' b.s. by politicians...  Make A Difference/Speak UP!!! and stop procrastinating... do what you can, now and continuously.

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